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Gwen Jimmere

CEO and Founder of Naturalicious

As CEO and founder of Naturalicious, she’s already cemented her place in history as the first African American woman to hold a patent for a natural hair care product. She is the mastermind behind The Hello Gorgeous Hair Care System; the only natural line of products that actually smashes your hair care routine into smithereens

Growing up in Detroit, Michigan, the 28-year-old was adopted at a very young age. Due to problems within that home, she ended up homeless at 16 – living in group homes, shelters and couch surfing.

But even with her struggles, still found a joy and a love for serving others.

Smith’s unique life experience and a passion for serving her community ultimately gave birth to the Detroit Phoenix Center in 2017, a nonprofit shelter specifically for youth ages 13-24 who are experiencing homelessness, giving them access to showers, meals, educational workshops, resume development and many other resources as they navigate through life.

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