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Kristy Stanford

TV Host/ Mindset Coach / International Speaker

Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, Kristy Love is a renowned, multimedia specialist, with a passion and zeal for all things entertainment. After obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Media and Film studies from Eastern Michigan University, Kristy sought to make a name for herself, hence, the formation of “ Kristy Love Media”. Creating such shows, as “My Media Melody”, “The With Love Show”, “Black Wall Street Series”. Kristy has proven to be unstoppable. The budding media phenom has worked on-camera and behind the scenes to highlight the accomplishments of minorities within the Metro- Detroit community. Having worked with various networks including but not limited to Detroit Public Television, Local 4 Detroit WDIV, and CBS 62, Kristy has taken the multi-media by storm.

When she isn’t, producing television shows, interviewing young entrepreneurs or, writing for various magazines, Kristy can be found speaking all around the globe, encouraging others to diligently pursue their vision, purpose, and goals without fear. Working as a mindset and goal coach she is active in  shifting the mindset in the black community to help uplift and inspire. Kristy is surely determined to use her platform to change the world and the self-proclaimed “ affirmation guru” is just getting started.

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